The Hampton Classic 2003
Nose to Nose
Esther and Some New Friends
Poqui and her Logo Shot
Henry and Esther
Lucy and Thea
Judy Visits us at the Classic
More Kids and Dogs
Meri and her Jack Russell Terrier
Sam and Esther
Eliza and her Dog Maddy
Esther and her Friend John
Hampton Classic Montage

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Meri and her Jack Russell Terrier

A woman came over to our tent yesterday and saw that we had a Jack Russell Terrier there with the other dogs. They were all lying rather peacefully when she came in. She said "You can train Jack Russell Terriers" I answered, "I could". She ran from the tent and came back 5 minutes later with her husband and proceded to interrogate me about a breed that she thought was incorrigible. Word spread like wildfire. Within 2 hours there were 5 people that wanted me to work with their 'Jacks'