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Alex Prime and Companion Dogs sell, teach and train well mannered and properly socialized dogs for both individuals and families. Aquire a dog from us or have your dog "Taught-Trained".

Our innovative programs are based on the natural instincts of dogs to organize and maintain relations among themselves.

"A well-mannered dog is a constant source of pride and satisfaction, a welcome visitor and a valued companion."

Primarily, we are known as "Teacher-Trainers" of dogs. Most of our clients simply want the companionship of a well mannered and properly civilized dog; however, we do offer the following:

Assistance in Dog Selection

Pup Development

Teach-Train any dog at any age

Relationship Dynamics teaching for Owners and their Dogs

Problem Solving and Extreme Behavior Resolution

Telephone Consultations

While a percentage of our efforts are devoted to people with special needs, most of our clients simply want the companionship of an involved and responsive dog in their lives and in the lives of their families.

Our work is available to everyone, whether you already have a dog or wish to acquire a dog from us.


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